Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week Ten... Courage

Parallel Vision.... week 10 {courage}

When I (Barb) chose this word I had no idea where it was going to take me. It crossed my mind that perhaps it was too difficult to convey, but I decided to stick with it and make it work. Little did I know that it would come into play over the weekend. To meet my first flickr friend... my first online friend... my first blind date with a girl! was a fairly large leap out of my comfort zone, but i've now bridged this gap and I have the courage to bridge many more.

What comes to mind when YOU think of "courage"? It takes courage to do many things... to be a brave soldier in the military, to jump off the cliff and join your friends in the warm carribbean waters, maybe your first airplane ride. Or perhaps you're more like Kristina and need the courage to step on the scale.

Whatever it may be, we hope that you share your visions of courage with us this week and who knows, maybe you'll face some of your own fears in the process :)

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